Is "budget" a scary word to you? Well it shouldn't be. The ability to manage your own money is crucial to ensure you stay ahead and out of debt, and the simplest way to keep effectively managing your money is to set up a budget.

Budgeting allows you to keep track of your money so you can work toward a financial goal; and it will save you from worrying about unforeseen financial stresses such as sickness, emergency repairs around the house or unexpected bills. Control your money – don't let it control you!

Our financial planners will work closely with you to develop and set up a budget that is realistic and easy to follow. By taking into account your income and expenses, we can create useful budgeting strategies to help you take control of your money, manage unnecessary spending, reduce expenses, and where possible allow you to both save for your goals and spend on the items or experiences you want now.

Regardless of what tool you use, the best thing to sticking with a budget is to make it simple and easy to follow. National Financial Advisors can provide you with an easy to use budgeting tool that will help keep track of your spending, as well as notify us if you are starting to fall behind.

Download the 10 tips for sticking to a budget here.

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"Dealing with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He did not only get our super and life insurance sorted but was also able to help us wipe a $55,000 credit card that had been haunting us for years. Seeing Michael was one of the best decisions we ever made and we will be definitely recommending him to all our family and friends." - Selwyn & Jenny, QLD

"National Financial Advisors has changed my life! My wife and I went from being behind every month in our repayments and almost losing our home, to saving thousands every month, we're on our way to achieving financial goals that we never thought would be possible." - Michael & Jennifer, VIC

"Thank you to Peter and the team at National Financial Advisors. You've helped us get our affairs in order so that we can go into retirement comfortably and sustain our retirement lifestyle knowing that when the time comes, our children and grandchildren will inherit what is rightfully theirs whilst paying the minimum amount of tax possible." - James & Mary, NSW

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