Looking to grow your wealth over the long-term? We think that’s a wise idea.

Effective, long-lasting wealth creation is dependent upon carefully considered financial and investment strategies. You'll need a financial plan that will take into account your life stage, ensuring that there is flexibility to deal with unforseen expenses, while building your wealth towards your nest egg for retirement.  

Our team of experienced financial planners at National Financial Advisors can provide you with sound financial advice that will help increase your wealth, manage debts, and grow your assets, all the while protecting you from risk. We can help you understand the hazards of personal finance and how best to avoid them, so you can take advantage of new opportunities to grow your wealth.

We take into account your current and future expenses along with your financial goals to create an easy to manage, comprehensive life-long financial strategy.

We will also work with you to:

  • Reduce unnecessary cash flow and asset leakage
  • Diversify any investment strategies
  • Reduce your superannuation fees and charges through consolidation and intelligent super fund and investment strategy choices
  • Navigate the myriad of financial products to find you the perfect fit for your situation

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Growing wealth through investment

Growing your wealth is more than just saving your money for a rainy day. Saving is a low risk, conservative approach that is great for achieving a short-term goal such as buying a new car. Investing to grow your wealth needs a different approach, as it requires taking a degree of risk.

We develop investment strategies that are as unique as you are, and tailored to your specific needs. We take into account your age, individual risk profile, future major expenses and necessary investments in order to find you the most profitable investment policy.

National Financial Advisors can help you secure a suitable managed investment structure based on a number of elements, including your income and assets, your tolerance to risk, your taxation implications, and how much time and money is required to run the fund efficiently. This allows us to ensure you’re getting the best possible return every time.


"Dealing with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He did not only get our super and life insurance sorted but was also able to help us wipe a $55,000 credit card that had been haunting us for years. Seeing Michael was one of the best decisions we ever made and we will be definitely recommending him to all our family and friends." - Selwyn & Jenny, QLD

"National Financial Advisors has changed my life! My wife and I went from being behind every month in our repayments and almost losing our home, to saving thousands every month, we're on our way to achieving financial goals that we never thought would be possible." - Michael & Jennifer, VIC

"Thank you to Peter and the team at National Financial Advisors. You've helped us get our affairs in order so that we can go into retirement comfortably and sustain our retirement lifestyle knowing that when the time comes, our children and grandchildren will inherit what is rightfully theirs whilst paying the minimum amount of tax possible." - James & Mary, NSW

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