Our team at National Financial Advisors have compiled a few case studies at different life stages to help illustrate how we have helped others achieve financial success.*

Choose a life stage on the left and read about real-life situations that our financial advisors have assisted people with.



This information was prepared by National Financial Advisors, an authorised Representative of MyPlanner Professional Services, ABN 51 159 696 830 Corporate Authorised Representative Number 409138. AFSL Number 425542.

Please seek personalised advice from a qualified financial planner. Material contained in these case studies are an overview or summary only and as such should not be considered a comprehensive statement on any matter nor relied upon as such.

These case studies contain general information only and do not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or lifestyle needs.

All case studies and examples are for illustrative purposes only and none of the details in these case studies should be used as an indication or prediction of future performance or results. Any taxation positions described in these case studies should be used as a guide only and is not tax advice. You should consult a registered tax agent for specific tax advice on your circumstances.

As the rules associated with the super and pension regimes are complex and subject to change, and as the opportunities and effects may differ based on your personal circumstances, you should seek personalised advice from a qualified financial advisor before making any financial decisions in relation to any matters discussed in these case studies.

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"Dealing with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He did not only get our super and life insurance sorted but was also able to help us wipe a $55,000 credit card that had been haunting us for years. Seeing Michael was one of the best decisions we ever made and we will be definitely recommending him to all our family and friends." - Selwyn & Jenny, QLD

"National Financial Advisors has changed my life! My wife and I went from being behind every month in our repayments and almost losing our home, to saving thousands every month, we're on our way to achieving financial goals that we never thought would be possible." - Michael & Jennifer, VIC

"Thank you to Peter and the team at National Financial Advisors. You've helped us get our affairs in order so that we can go into retirement comfortably and sustain our retirement lifestyle knowing that when the time comes, our children and grandchildren will inherit what is rightfully theirs whilst paying the minimum amount of tax possible." - James & Mary, NSW

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